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10 May 2015 @ 02:04 am
The Sleeping Beauty || Part 03 ||  
Title: The Sleeping Beauty
Author: yousei_ranka
Chapter: 03/07
Pairing(s): (???) x Saga.
Genre: AU, mature, psychological, slice of life.
Warning: menxmen.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Sleeping Beauty belongs to Julia Leigh, My favorite OT3 belongs to A9. I own nothing, just something I wrote here... #cries
Summary: Takashi Sakamoto is a very diligent and a hard worker boy. But he’s somewhat odd. He rarely spoke and his face was often expressionless.
Comment: Beta-read credit goes to my lovely kei_kyuuketsuki. This story was based on the Australian Independent movie “Sleeping Beauty” (2011).
Previous chapter(s): ( 01. The Rose ) ( 02. The Invitation )

~ * * * ~


Tora tidied his black sharp tie on his black suit and then stepped out from his grand bedroom. He walked down the grand stairs while locking the silver wristwatch on his hand. Two maids bowed their head down to him. One of them stepped forward to helped him wore his black winter coat while the tall man wearing his gloves. Tiny snow fell down from the sky like withered flower petals outside. The night sky nearly pitched black.

Shiori came out from the high corridor across Tora’s, beautiful and cold with her Audrey Hepburn’s black tight gown from her classic 60’s Breakfast Diary. White pearls necklace cycled her thin neck gracefully, her black night hair was pony tail tight. Her face was beautiful with minimalist make up but still glamorous with the touch of deep red colour lipstick. She knighted her eyebrows slightly as she saw her son was about to leave as well.

“Where are you going?”

“Dinner with Jii-san.”

Shiori instantly looked offended by the mentioned nickname.

“Don’t get too friendly with that old man. You know I detest that…”

“Ex-husband or not, you still owe him your life, Mother… don’t be a nut forgetting its shell~”

Shiori stoned with her chin up, her lips were tight sharp. Tora didn’t bother to see when he already turned around and walked down the stairs to his car. He got into his black Audi and wasted no second to turn on the engine. Tora drove his car out of his house, his eyes were dull.

~ * ~

Takashi put all his manga magazines on the television desk orderly. The night news was still on the screen. It was eight o’clock on the cold evening. Takashi put on a black long coat above his white shirt and white long cotton pants. He wore sneaker shoes on his feet and then walked out from his room. After he locked the door he wasted no time to get into the elevator.

Although his outfit was pretty unmatched with a long elegant winter coat and sneaker shoes, he’s still attracting many pairs of eyes as he walked across the large hotel lobby. The young man remained unaffected as he stepped out through the automatic glass door. Shou was already outside; stand tall before the side of the silver sedan.

“You look nice~” Shou said as he opened the backseat door.

“Thanks.” Takashi simply smiled as he got inside the car.

Shou walked to the other side and got inside the car as well. He turned on the engine and drove the car out of the hotel area. Not long after, the silver vehicle was already moved in smooth speed. He drove the car along the city road to the quiet high way and then entered one of the private residential areas on the capital.

The area was exclusively quiet with only two houses lining up in each block. Each house was absolute grand with beautiful large garden, high fences and complete security. Many of the houses had guards stood before their gates with big black Dobermans. The road was wide and quiet.

The silver sedan then entered a grand Victorian style house through tall black trellised gates that opened automatically. Unlike the other cars that were parked before the house near the angel statue fountain, Shou drove his car to the garden and a moment later stopped on the right side of the house. Takashi stepped out from the car and mouthed thank you to Shou who opened the door for him. He stared up at the tall grand house.

“Good luck…” Shou said with mysterious tone.

Takashi turned around but the tall man already back inside the car. The silver vehicle moved backward before turned around and forward towards the gate again. Takashi averted his gaze back to the house and stepped toward the single wooden door. He grabbed the knob and opened it.

Takashi was welcomed by a quiet large hall with high ceiling. There was a half circle grand stairs across him that was layered with elegant black carpet with gold flowery pattern. The floor was caramel colored and mirrored his shoes. The wall was painted in withered khaki color with large paintings of nude Greek goddesses hanging along it.

Takashi’s ears caught a sound of tiny clacking feminism shoes step. He turned his eyes to the stairs and found a woman stepped down elegantly. She wore the same long black coat as Takashi. She was thin and tall, probably around 170 cm more like those supermodels he usually saw on the magazine.

Her face was beautiful tiny oval with pointy chin. She wore a very thick make up. Her eyes were sharp with strong thin black eyeliner and semi purple eye shadow. Her thin eye brows were deepened with dark brown pencil eyes. Her lips were thin pouty with mixed red and deep orange color lipstick. Her dark brown hair was a simple bun locked with a hair net.

“You must be Saga-kun...” She said. Her voice was deep for a woman but still very graceful soft.

Takashi nodded with a smile, “Yes, you are…?”

“I’m Oruri,” she said as she offered her thin hand.

Takashi smiled and politely accepted the brief handshake. The woman smiled again as she stared at his face.

“Well, you’re indeed a lovely guy.”

Takashi simply smiled, “Thanks…”

Oruri smiled again and still stared at him for a brief moment in observing way. She then led him deeper inside the house through a long corridor. Along the way, they occasionally passed by couple women with the same make up with Oruri but with each slightly different color lipstick. They were all slim and tall. But Takashi couldn’t help to bow his head down with his face flushed in uncomfortable way when he passed those women.

They wore black transparent maid lingerie out of kinky porn magazine with golden apron on the waist. The collar was teasingly revealed to their collarbone and down to the soft cleavages. No undergarment except a pair of black thin stocking up to their mid-thighs, exposing almost everything the eyes could see: the pair of breast with their plump nipples, the curved of their torso and the soft hair bellow the v that barely covered by the golden apron. The only normal thing was their simple bun hair and the high heels shoes.

Oruri stopped and opened a door for Takashi. The young man obediently stepped inside. He found himself inside a large bathroom with high ceiling. The floor was white and dry with ceramic tiles covered the wall. There was a big wide mirror right above the lined three washbasins, bamboo colored bathtub and a toilet.

“Just put your coat here,” she said with hands tapping on the salon.

Takashi nodded and took off his black long coat, revealed his silky white shirt and soft cottoned long pants. Unlike the women’s, his garment was thin layered but hardly transparent. Oruri helped him flipped his coat neatly. She then also fixed his soft brunette locks that slightly messy after the long ride.

“Oh— take off your shoes and socks as well, please.”

Takashi nodded and stepped out from his shoes, he bent down then started taking off his socks from his feet and then laid his bare feet on the cold floor. Oruri once again fixed his hair. She slightly pulled the collar on his back to reveal more of the back of his neck.

“Don’t worry; there will be no make up for you. Okuni wanted your appearance to be as pure as possible. They already taught you everything, right?”

Takashi nodded with a smile, “Yes.”

Oruri smiled as well, “Alright… any question?”

Takashi blinked his eyes then was thinking with his gaze averted to nowhere. “Why did you all wear different lipstick?”

Oruri blinked, her lips are closed tight amusedly. Of all the things Takashi decided to asked that one thing. But Oruri’s gaze didn’t suit the amusing smile on her lips.

“We were told to match the color of our lipstick…. with the exact match— … of the color of our labium.”

Takashi instantly stoned perfectly with his eyes slightly wide in disbelief. He blinked and still remained silent with his cheek somewhat flushed. Oruri was still smiling when she stripped off her black long coat, exposing her semi-nude body with her own black transparent maid lingerie.


Once again Takashi was led by Oruri. They walked along the corridor again and arrived at a large hall with tall windows that were closed tight along with their curtains. It was a large elegant designed kitchen. There were three chefs that currently busy with their cooks, two men and one woman.

There was a long wooden table in the middle where clean glasses, silver trays with various kind of beautifully garnished food served on the platters lining up. The scent of baked bakeries and cooked sauces was strong there, tickled your nose to tongue.

The women in black maid dress already gathered there, there were five of them include Oruri. Some of the black waitresses were stealing a glance to the only male in white among them. Some of them as well showed amusement in their eyes or smiled. The rest were busy with their smartphones and looked rather gloomy with their own mind. Takashi remained silent and chose to avert his eyes only at the wooden table.

“Are you okay?” Oruri whispered gently to one of the gloomy faced waitress while fixing her hair net.

The younger waitress smiled timidly and gave her a nod. Oruri smiled understandingly and patted her shoulder.

“Ready, everyone?” asked Oruri in louder voice but still sounded supportively gentle.

The women nodded and each one of them straightened their composure with a smile. Oruri nodded gratefully and now turned to Takashi who still had his eyes downcast to the table.

“Saga-kun, come~”

Takashi slightly startled before he nodded with a smile as well.

~ * ~

It was a formal dinner party, held in a large tall dining room with European classic style with no window. The ceiling was high with blue and white sky painting. The light on the ceiling was a crystal ball in the middle like a moon in the day sky.

Right bellow there was a long wooden dining table. All set and clean with white plates, silverware, glasses and candles beautifully and orderly arranged right before each brown chair surrounding the table. Takashi was standing on the left side behind the only black chair there. He properly stood with right hand holding a wine bottle wrapped with white sherbet while he put his other hand behind. On the right side, Oruri stood straight with both hands behind her waist.

The guests were just arrived into the room. There were six of them, five men and one woman. The woman was probably around forty and beautiful with deep red short hair and thin red lips. She wore a masculine black suit with thin silver chain as her necklace. The first man was an old man with white hair and white beard. He was the only one who wear the white tuxedo and the one who held the dinner as he sat on the only black chair.

The second man was a tall old man with thin sharp eyes, long eyebrow, sour face and strong tall figure like a blood thirst general out of classical Chinese war movie. The third was another old man with thicker and buffy figure. He had a long scar across his rough face like a yakuza boss. The fourth man was younger and handsome with Asian mixed face. He had a very refreshing smile. He was probably around thirty or thirty five. Beside him, the fifth man was also a handsome young man. But he had this cold icy aura on his hazelnut eyes and his lips were thin sharp as if it was permanently shut.

The white haired old man gave a nod to Takashi and the boy obediently stepped forward. He began pouring the white wine properly to the glasses, started with the old man’s and continued to the others in clock-wise. The old man had his eyes on Takashi for a brief moment before he smiled to his guests.

“Thank you friends for coming here tonight. As ever… it is wonderful to see you… Thank you…” he said gently.

The other three men and one woman return him a smile and a soft ‘thank you’ as the old man stared gently at each of them. The fifth man however was still silent for a moment before he finally gave a nod and a soft ‘thank you’ as well. The old man in white tuxedo nodded with a satisfaction in his eyes before he gave a nod to Oruri.

She smiled and took one step forward, “This evening we’re serving beluga caviar with toasted brioche.”

The old man with scar on his face excitedly grabbed his fork and knife and make drumming sound by slightly hitting them to the table, gained amusement laugh from the others except the fifth man who remain cold and apathetic. The waitresses in black transparent maid lingerie slowly and orderly stepped inside the room and served the food. And so the dinner began.

~ * ~

The moon was finally revealed on the dark night sky, high and lonely without stars. Takashi strode back to the kitchen with the nearly empty dark violet wine bottle. He put the sensually curved bottle on the wooden table and sighed, feeling the thin layer of cold sweat that began to appear on his upper forehead.

A young waitress walked pass behind him and put a tray with already empty platters on the table as well. The chef was currently busy preparing the dessert dish. It was a chocolate tower with various sliced fruits with green mint leafs scattered around like a falling leafs.

Takashi saw the young waitress stepped slowly to the female chef who was busy mixing a strawberry red liquid in a glass bowl. They caught each other’s eyes; the chef’s red lips were curved into a thin smirk while the young waitress simply smiled.

The chef poke her pointy finger to red liquid on the glass bowl then offered it to the young waitress. She smiled and accepted the finger fully into her mouth, tasting the sweet strawberry. The chef widened her smiled and they’re exchanged one last look before the waitress turned around and walked toward the doorway. She gave an ambiguous smile and winked to Takashi who she caught staring before she walked out.

Takashi only blinked his eyes. He turned his face to the female chef with his eyes stared blankly at her. She caught his eyes on her and in a brief moment, she smiled. The chef poked her middle finger to the red liquid on her bowl then stared at Takashi across the wooden table.

Once again the boy only blinked and stood still for a moment. Then, he slowly stepped around the table and closer to the chef. She raised her finger to the taller boy. Takashi once again blinked before he slowly took the finger into his mouth. Obediently mimicking the way the young waitress took her finger. He tasted the soft sweet strawberry in his tongue before she slowly pulled out the finger.

The female chef smirked and continued her job: making a starlight pattern on the chocolate tower using the red liquid. Takashi was stood still for a moment before he blinked and turned his face away. Quiet satisfied with soft sweet taste that still lingered on his tongue.

~ * ~

The night was getting late with the cold freezing air blew outside. However the inside of that grand Victorian house remained concealed and untouchable. The dinner was long over. Inside a large high ceiling room with fire place in the middle, the guests were now enjoying themselves in smoke and gamble.

The first man; the old white haired man was enjoying the poker game with the masculine clothed red haired woman, the second man and the third man. Except the old man in white, each of them has a waitress with them.

The woman in masculine clothes was smoking with a thin cigarette. She had a waitress stood behind her with one hand caressed the red silk strand of the woman. The second man; the sour face old man was smoking as well and had a waitress cling on his shoulder. Her hand smoothly and lazily caressed the firm bicep. The third man; the yakuza boss with a scar on his face had a waitress sitting on his lap. His big rough hand caressed her small shoulder while his eyes sharply stared at the cards.

The two other men; the mixed Asian handsome man with gentle smile and the other handsome with cold eyes, were enjoying themselves with billiard. The man with gentle smile has a waitress beside him contently clung to him. While the man with hazelnut eyes remained lone and untouchable with his permanently sharp gaze.

Takashi, who was accompanied by Oruri, now served brandy to the guest. The boy had the crystal oval bottle contained brandy while Oruri behind him held a tray with empty round crystal glasses. Takashi gently offered the drink to each guest, started with the old man in white tuxedo.

“Brandy?” he gently asked while slightly raised the bottle.

The old man averted his gaze from his cards to him and nodded. Takashi took one glass from Oruri’s tray and poured the brandy into it. He gave the glass to the old man who accepted it with gentle smile. Takashi nodded with a small smile and now turned to the sour face man.

Once again he offered the drink and gained a nod. Takashi took another glass from Oruri’s tray and poured the brandy. He gave the man his glass who simply accepted it without bother glanced to Takashi, too absorbed in the game.

The rough man with a scar on his face however did keep his eyes on Takashi when he accepted his brandy. Though the stares he gave to the younger man was somewhat in disgust, while the woman in masculine clothes was friendly to him when she accepted the drink. Takashi now stepped to the two handsome men in billiard table.

“Brandy?” he gently offered.

The mixed Asian face man let out his refreshing smile after he hit a ball, “Sure, why not?”

The man didn’t hide his interest as he kept his eyes on Takashi who took another glass from her tray and poured the drink. The man smiled and purposely touched his hand when he accepted his glass. The mixed Asian handsome man still had his eyes lingered on Takashi who stepped around the table to the fifth man.

“Brandy?” he gently said.

The man with hazelnut eyes still stood without bothered glanced to him. His cold eyes stared sharply at the spread ball on the table. He found his direction and bent down, skillfully hit the red ball then stood up again. He looked rather discontent at the few balls that fall to the hole. He finally gave a nod still without batting an eye to Takashi.

Takashi once again took a glass from Oruri’s tray and filled it with brandy. The man accepted his glass and took a sip of his drink, still without bothered placed an eye on Takashi. The young waiter averted his gaze to Oruri who gave him a nod with satisfaction in her eyes.

Takashi let out a small smile and relieved. He was about to walked forward pass behind the man with hazelnut cold eyes. But the man purposely bumped the back of his crocodile leather skin shoe to Takashi’s thinner bare foot. The boy instantly stumbled and fell on his knees to the floor. Along with the brandy bottle that fell from his hand and scattered on the caramel floor.

The already quiet room instantly fell silent. The man with hazelnut eyes simply took another sip of his drink while the other guest remained on their spot with their eyes fixed on Takashi in unreadable way, as if they were looking forward to something.

Takashi was about to gather the scattered piece before he felt a hand gently urging him to get up, “Not to worry… Up on your feet, Sonny.” It was the tall old man in white tuxedo. The old man touched both his elbow and gently helped him up from his knees. Takashi was still blank but his eyes blinked and lips parted in slight nervousness to the taller man. The old man before him smiled and gently fixed the messy strand of hair on Takashi’s forehead. “There… No harm done…”

~ * ~

“ Should you be so rough?” Asked Daniel to Tora who was just hit another ball.

“Piss off… I’m on the edge~”

“You always are~~”

Tora sharply snorted and stood tall again, slightly tapped his billiard stick as he stares at the scattered ball on the green table.

“I’m here because that old Jii-san said I can meet Okuni… But what I got here is only a cheap fetish dinner with half-naked kinky waitresses…”

Daniel snorted to hold his amusement smile, “I believe he said; Miss Izumo is the one who own the service. Doesn’t mean she’ll be here. She’s not a woman who you can just easily ask her out in one snap finger.”

Tora didn’t bother to response the half-American-Korean man. He bent down once again to hit a ball. Daniel didn’t look even slightly offended and took another sip of his brandy.

“Besides, instead of Okuni… I rather curious about her new merchandise~” he muttered with a smirk as he glanced to the white waiter who was just left with the head waitress after serving another round of drink.

~ * ~

Takashi strode back to the kitchen carrying a tray with dirty glasses. He put the tray on the wooden table while Oruri walked toward a white cabinet on the left wall. Takashi glanced at the woman’s back who looked somewhat busy with the cabinet drawer. He waited until the woman finally faced him.

“I’m sorry… about that…” Takashi muttered in guilt.

Somehow Oruri smiled with a hidden satisfaction in her eyes, “Don’t worry, you did it really well…” she said as she gently handed Takashi a white envelope that she just took from the drawer. “Your part is done for tonight…”

Takashi was silent. He blinked and exchanged look with her in a moment. Finally Takashi nodded then politely accepted the envelope, “Thank you,” he said as he smiled.

She nodded with a warm smile, “Better hurry, your driver is already waiting outside.”

Takashi smiled once again and bowed to her. Oruri nodded and turn around, continued her work. Takashi eventually stepped out from the kitchen. He flipped the envelope in his hand gently.

~ * ~

Takashi found himself inside the silver sedan with Shou once again. He sat quiet and relaxed at the backseat with eyes gazed at the city night light through the window. The thin man drove his car smoothly on the lonely high way. Shou smiled to younger man through the rear-view.

“How was work?”

Takashi smiled, “It’s all fine, thank you.”



“I’m glad then.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, how’s Oruri?”

“She’s beautiful.”

Shou chuckled, “No doubt…”

“And she’s nice.”


“Do you know each other?”

“That’s right.”

“Why not go inside and said hi?”

Shou smiled again with amusement, “I can’t do that. She never likes me.”

Takashi blinked his eyes, “Why?”

“Nothing particulars, people always find a reason to dislike me.”

“I like you.”

“You do?”


He chuckled, “My, thank you.”

Takashi smiled, “You’re welcome.”

They exchanged smile through the rear-view before once again silent. Takashi had his eyes enjoyed the night scenery while Shou had his eyes forward to drive, absorbed with the peaceful silent along the way. About an hour later, they arrived at the front lobby of the hotel where Takashi was told to stay. Shou stepped out and then opened the door for Takashi.

“Thanks…” he smiled as he stepped out.

“My job, now then…” Shou glanced at the building, “How long would you like to stay here?”

“Am I expelled already?”

The taller man chuckled in amusement, “No. The Lady said you can stay as long as you want. But if you want to look for a new place, we’re ready if you need any help.”

Takashi smiled and shook his head, “That’s very kind of you, but thanks. I’ll be fine.”

Shou nodded amusedly, “Well then, just please keep in touch.”

Takashi nodded, “What’s your name, if I may ask?”

Shou stayed silent still with indescribable stares before his lips slowly curved into a thin smile, “You may call me Shou… Takashi?”

Takashi nodded, “That will do, thanks Shou-san”

~ * ~

Takashi was about to enter the elevator inside the hotel. But his legs won’t move, the couple beside him already stepped inside and continue being all over each other as the elevator door shut. Takashi turned around and made his way out of the building once again.

His breath came out in a smoke as he strode along the sidewalk outside. He found a bar by the road side and stepped inside. He put a few notes of paper money and no one bothered to check his age. The place was small but elegant with minimalist design. They also had various collection of drink pretty much like the bigger expensive bar.

Soft jazz music filled the bar as the back sound of the glittering people, chatting, drinking, flirting, and swaying on the dance floor. Takashi sat on one of the high bar chair and ordered a blue cocktail. He played with the tiny red and yellow sliced fruits before took a sip.

A tall foreign man took a seat on the chair beside him. He was quiet handsome even though he looked almost twice of Takashi’s age. He has short pale blond hair and blue eyes that elegantly covered with thin glasses. His dark blue suit was neat even with a loosen tie. He smiled to Takashi who smiled back at him and turned his body to him so now they sat face to face.

Konbanwa,” the man said.

The younger man smiled, “Konbanwa. May I help you?”

“I’m looking for a company. If you don’t mind a gaijin—and older man,” he chuckled.

Takashi smiled, “Why not? Please, be my guest. Are you a tourist?”

He chuckled, “Almost right, I’m doing business trip here. My third time in Japan.”

“Ah, no wonder you’re very fluent, Sir.”

“Thank you, now if I may ask… aren’t Japanese government pretty strict about underage teenager going to a bar?”

Takashi smiled amusedly, “Well, here I am~”

The foreign man let out a soft amused laugh. Takashi chuckled as well as he raised his glass. The taller man answered with raising his glass as well. They cheered and took a sip of each other’s drink.

“Can I confess something to you, Sir?”

The foreign man smiled gently, “Why, go on~”

“I was staring at your crotch.”

The taller man instantly paused with his smile still curved on his lips. Both of them simply stared at each other eyes. The man slowly put his glass down. He was still smiling gently but the blue eyes behind the glasses thinned in interest.

“And what do you think?”

The younger man lips softly parted, “I would really love to have that inside me…”

The taller man smiled, “How do you like to have it?”


He nodded, as if accepting some exciting challenge, “How much do you want?”

Takashi smiled; he sipped the rest of his blue cocktail and sighed. “As much as you can until I break…” he whispered.

The foreign man found himself stoned once again. He fell silent with his eyes staring at the boy before him who still had a small smile lingered on his lips. The taller man’s shoulder tensed before he finally chuckled with his blue eyes gleaming dangerously in pleasure.


~ * ~

Shou still drove his car on the city road. Sometimes he covered his yawning mouth. It was past midnight and he was still thinking over of how he should spend the night, to Okuni’s restaurant or just going home. And he was hungry, thanks to that instant ramen commercial he saw on the electronic shop’s television he passed. Suddenly his phone sang and he picked up the call without taking his eyes of the road.


How’s the boy?”Okuni’s gentle voice was heard.

“Well, your instinct seems right.”

Then, it’s going to be rather easy…

“We still have to see.”

Do you like him?


But he said he likes you.

Shou’s lips curved into a thin smile, “You’re a terrifying woman…”

He could feel the lady across the line smiled, “How does it feel? When someone said they like you…

The thin man instantly fell silent as if he was caught off guard. Shou parted his lips and stared at the road before his car. He then eventually smiled. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought…”

He could hear the soft chuckle of her, “Now come home, I’ll cook something warm for you.

“That’s all I need…”

~ * ~

It was a snowy Sunday morning. Takashi was just stepped out from the hotel where he spent a couple nights there. He actually planned to leave yesterday but the sore pain on his lower part won’t let him move from his bed. The boy walked along the roadside until he reached a bus stop. He was carrying his old fat back pack as he stepped onto the newly arrived bus. Twenty minutes long he stayed on the bus until he nearly fell asleep. Takashi finally arrived at his destination.

Across the bus stop where he got off, there was a white ten floor apartment building. Julianna Residence; wrote on the huge platform, a middle class apartment with large parking yard with complete facility for car, motorcycle and bike. Takashi strode along the zebra cross and walked toward the office on the right side of the first floor. It was just opened by a woman in thirty with short bob hair. Her red suit still smooth and her make up still looked fresh. She raised her eyes questionably at Takashi who she saw approaching.

“Good morning, can I help you?”

“Hi, uh… I would like to rent a place.”

The woman instantly smiled, “Well, then please come in.”

“Thank you,” He smiled.

Takashi followed the woman into the office through the glass door. She allowed him to sit on a chair before her desk.

“Each room is ready to use with bathroom, water and gas. But do you have any specific request?”

Takashi nodded in thoughtful, “Well… I would like the one that have a bed.”

The woman smiled and nodded before she turned to her computer, fumbled her fingers on the keyboard before she smiled and turned back to Takashi, “There’s one on the third floor. It’s uh… used room. The former owner left some stuff like bed and a small table.”

“I’ll take that one.”

The woman instantly smiled again, “Alright… can I have your id for a moment?”

Takashi nodded and took his id card out from his wallet. The woman accepted it and began typing something on her computer. She handed a few papers for Takashi to sign and the boy obediently did it at ease.

Takashi took almost half of the money from his white envelope and handed it to the woman who was just finished checking his papers. She handed his id card back and accepted the money. She counted them and confirmed the amount. She put the money on a folder and locked it securely inside her desk.

“Well then, let me show you the room,” she said as he got up with a key that still attached to a card shell.

“Ah, no thanks. Just the key, please.”

The woman blinked her eyes, “Hu? Don’t you want to see the room first?”

Takashi smiled and shook his head, “No need to, I’m sure it’s nice.”

“Hu? You sure?”

“Very much, thanks a lot~” he smiled as he grabbed the key from the woman’s hand.

~ * ~

Takashi accepted the double pizza box and a blue coke bottle from the delivery guy. He paid him along with a bonus tip before he closed the door. Takashi stepped inside his new apartment room again. It was twice bigger than twice of his old slump apartment.

Even it was a used room, the khaki painted wall was still clean. The kitchen was bigger with higher ceiling and had a wide window. On the living room there was a small round table, enough for two people having meals together. The bathroom was clean and complete with long bathtub, shower cabin and toilet. There was one spacey bedroom with smooth floor, one single bed with soft mattress. The balcony was large enough with tall sliding glass door.

Takashi brought his pizza and drink to the bedroom. He sat on the floor with his back rested on the edge of his bed and faced the balcony through glass door. The young man took a deep breath and sighed. He stared at the Shingeki no Kyojin picture on the pizza box before he opened it. He took a piece of pizza and bit the pointy part.

Takashi’s eyes fell on the floor near the pizza box where his white envelope laid carelessly with a few notes of money coming out from the mouth. Takashi stopped munching his pizza for a moment. His eyes lingered on the envelope in unreadable stares. Takashi swallowed and took another bit of his pizza before he put the food down.

His hands fumbled in his jeans pocket before he finally found his cigarette pack along with his lighter. Takashi lit his lighter and stared at the tiny orange flame. His hand blindly touched the floor until he found his envelope and took a piece of ¥1,000. Takashi stared at the money before he slowly lit the edge of the paper with the flame.

The tiny flame that slowly consumed the piece of money reflected on Takashi’s brown eyes. He waited until the money was half burned and put the piece on the floor, stared at the flame that slowly turned the entire part of the ¥1,000 paper into grayish ash. He took another piece of money and lit his lighter again.

~ tbc ~

A/N: Well, yes, The mixed Asian guy was Daniel Henney. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it. He’s been all over my head these past few days after re-watching X-Men: Origin (////////) and as always, feedback would be very appreciated, feedback encourage me to update faster, but anyway thank you so much for making the time just to read this story #kiss
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Karytakyoselflove on May 22nd, 2015 09:37 pm (UTC)
Takashi confuses me so much lol.

I'm still loving it. xD

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Shinohara Ranka: ryoukai!yousei_ranka on May 24th, 2015 07:34 pm (UTC)
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