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30 April 2015 @ 12:47 am
The Sleeping Beauty || Part 02 ||  
Title: The Sleeping Beauty
Author: yousei_ranka
Chapter: 02/07
Pairing(s): (???) x Saga.
Genre: AU, mature, psychological, slice of life.
Warning: menxmen.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Sleeping Beauty belongs to Julia Leigh, My favorite OT3 belongs to A9. I own nothing, just something I wrote here... #cries
Summary: Takashi Sakamoto is a very diligent and a hard worker boy. But he’s somewhat odd. He rarely spoke and his face was often expressionless.
Comment: Beta-read credit goes to my lovely kei_kyuuketsuki. This story was based on the Australian Independent movie “Sleeping Beauty” (2011).
Previous chapter(s): 01. The Rose

~ * * * ~


Takashi chewed his food slowly; a bowl of still warm white rice and a square plate of grilled unagi with red sauce, various thinly sliced vegetables in salad bowl, a bow of warm tofu with seaweed soup. Everything was served at shiny black ceramic dinnerware as if they were just recently purchased.

The lady in blood red kimono simply stared at him with a lingering soft smile; seeing the boy in front of her eating so slowly even though his stomach had been empty almost a day long. The boy also didn’t really show any meaningful reaction toward the meals that make most people drool nor did the elegant traditional room that would make people stare in awe.

Okuni took him to a house in one of the first class residential area of the capital; a traditional Japanese style house that looked like a manor from Sengoku era. The floor and the bamboo interior looked so elegant in the room where they sat together. Sliding doors opened in the middle, making the night sky and the moon looked like a beautiful background painting for them.

"Gochisousama deshita ..." said Takashi while clapped both his hands.

He neatly put the chopsticks over the empty rice bowl. Okuni smiled, clapped her hands twice. Some seconds after, three maids in bamboo green kimono entered. They skillfully and orderly took all the dishes off the table; leaving only a set of clay teapot with a pair of clay cups.

Then the maids were lined up and bowed to them before orderly stepped out. Once they were alone again, Okuni simply smiled, her hand gracefully poured the warm tea into each cup.

"Does the unagi tasted good?" asked her softly, offering the cup of tea.

Takashi nodded, mouthed thank as he accepted the cup and started blew the hot drink.

"But I guess it's not your favorite food ..."

Takashi silently blinked, only shrugged his shoulder. Okuni smiled again, amused.

"What is your favorite?"

"... Pizza."

Okuni nodded, still smiling, "Cola or cold mocha?"

"... Cola."

Okuni smiled again with her red lips pursed. She clapped her hands twice again. A maid then stepped inside, she bowed then walked closer to her Mistress. She knelt beside Okuni who then whispered something to her. The maid nodded and stand up, she bowed once again before stepped out.

Once again the both of them were left alone, silence enveloped between the two. Takashi and Okuni once again only stared at each other’s eyes. Takashi blinked his eyes, while the shiny black pair across him narrowed in a smile. Okuni slowly got up, walked around the table with small graceful steps then sat next to Takashi.

"Pardon me ..." she whispered with her melodious voice.

A pair of red-nailed graceful hands cupped Takashi’s small face; stroked his cheek softly and then touched the red soft strand of hair. Both pairs of eyes met each other in a very close distance. Her red lips curved into an ambiguous gentle smile as their noses touched.

"It is always an honor for me to be able to see such... rare— unique beauty ..." she humbly whispered.

Takashi just blinked, "Thank you."

Okuni simply smiled again and lowered her hands, "Do you have a job?"

Takashi nodded, "Part-time."

She nodded, "Hum ... where is it, if I may ask?"

"Hospital janitor, model, delivery service."

Okuni chuckled, "You are a hard-working boy. That’s good."

He smiled, "Thank you."

Okuni smiled again with her lips pursed, "If I said I want to offer you a job, would you consider accepting it?"

Takashi nodded simply, "Sure."

This time it’s Okuni who blinked her eyes. For a moment her smile stoned. But then slowly her smile broke into an amused chuckling, as if she just heard a cold joke. Takashi was just still staring at her without looking even slightly offended.

"Please stay here tonight. By tomorrow morning you may leave if you want to leave and you may stay if you want to stay. Also, if you're interested in the job that I mentioned early, you may call me..." she said as she left a white business card on the table. “It will be an honor if you really do.”

A soft knocks was heard from outside. Okuni allowed them in with soft ‘come in’. The sliding doors were opened and once again two maids entered in orderly line. They put a box of newly delivered pizza and a thin ceramic plate with a set of silver fork and knife, then a one liter size bottle of cola and a round wide glass. The maids bowed again then stepped out.

"Enjoy the meals, good night," said Okuni as she gently stood up.

Takashi stood up as well. They exchanged bows before the lady in red kimono stepped out. Takashi sat down again; he stared at her business card then put it in his shirt pocket. He stared at the food in front of him still with his dull eyes.

~ * ~

Takashi already left the grand Japanese style house in very early morning. Spent the rest of the coins in his wallet, he took a bus and arrived in a local delivery service office at one of the congested area of the capital. He wore his working apron and gloves then join the others in the stuffy storehouse, struggling with plastic, boxes and duct tape.

By twelve noon his empty wallet was slightly filled with money. Takashi bought a set of big hamburger and a glass of cola. He ate while walking towards the train station. It took ten minutes on the train and then a few minute walk. Stopped by at a bookstall to buy some manga magazines then continue walked. Arrived at a local university, he walked straight to the area of the arts faculty.

"Konnichiwa~" Takashi greeted as he walked into one of the studio room there.

He was greeted back friendly by some of the male and female students who were busy with a large canvas and paint. Takashi nodded to the man who’s oldest among the students. By his gestures and his appearance, he was a lecturer.

"Am I late, sensei?"

The professor smiled, "Almost, go take a bath. They hung your costume on the door. Ah, try to keep your hair dry." He added.

Takashi smiled with a little nod and rush to the bathroom inside the utility room. The sound of the professor who rejoined the bustle with his student was heard, ordering them to prepare everything. Not long after Takashi stepped out and join them in the busy studio room.

His body was naked and entwined only with a very long white cloth that only covers some of his private areas. His white skin looked fresh and flushed. His hair remains dry as instructed. One of the female student immediately lead Takashi to a wall that has a large white cloth hung there and another one laid on the floor like a carpet. There was a wooden chair with weathered color placed in the middle. On the ceiling right above the seat, there attached a small bucket that was hold with a rope.

"Sit here." She said while adjusting the fabric loops, loosening it in a few places but still covered some of his body part in a teasing style, letting the end of the cloth to fall naturally along his legs then floor.

"Want to wear ear plugs?" Asked her again while she was styling his hair with her fingers.

"Sure." Answered Takashi as he nodded.

The student nodded and put a pair of two small objects into Takashi’s ears. She stepped back and now stood next to her lecturer. He nodded, quiet satisfied with the results of her work on Takashi.


Takahi nodded and closed his eyes. The professor gave his sign and a student on the side started to loosen the rope on his hand very slowly and steadily. The small bucket on the ceiling slowly pulled and start turning slightly vertical and the red colored paint inside was spilled slowly in slim line. The red color fell onto Takashi’s hair then down to his body and to the floor. Making a pattern that falls naturally.

~ * ~

The clock just turned six with a click sound. The sky outside was already turned into darken blue. Takashi was currently sitting on the floor at the corner of the studio room with a female student who helped him drying his hair with a hairdryer. The others were still busy with canvas and paint while some of them were just sitting around chatting after finishing their work.

"Done," said the student after checking one last time at Takashi’s hair.


"You’re welcome."

They exchanged a smile before both of them stood up. Takashi wore back his socks and shoes before grabbed his old back pack. He stood up, exchanged look with the lecturer from distance before following him into the utility room.

“Leaving already?" asked the professor with a smile as his hand fumbled in his trouser pocket. He watched Takashi nodded with a tiny smile. He then pulled out some money from his wallet and handed it to Takashi. "If you’re willing to wait just a little more minute, I’m about to leave too." He said in a soft whisper as the younger man’s hand accepted the money.

Takashi slightly shook his head, "I still have work to do, thank you."

They exchanged a soft kiss shortly. Takashi then bowed and bid his goodbye to the taller man. Not forgetting to bid goodbye to the students as well while he walk passed them. They returned him a small wave and smile.

His old shoes were making some small squeaky sound as they made contact with the thin layer of snow on the street. His breath came out as a smoke. He strode towards the train station but then suddenly stopped. He took left at the cross road and stopped by an oden stall right beside the street. The bald-headed man inside greeted him friendly.

“Irrasshai...” he said as his hand smoothly took a clean bowl for his costumer, “Can I get you anything?”

Takashi who had just took a seat slightly leaned forward his body, stared at the various steaming dishes stew with very alluring delicious scent.

"Etto ... Chikuwa, mochi-kinjaku, tako, boiled eggs, fried kitsune."

~ * ~

There was a big restaurant in one of the business district of the capital. Built in old Japanese style with modern touch inside. Almost none of the chair was empty, meeting room, party room, bar, dance floor all filled with glittering people who were enjoying themselves with the easy listening retro music, food and drinks.

Shou stepped out from his taxi and entered the restaurant, dragging his suitcase. He smoothly walked along the corridor until he passed the double door of the kitchen at the end of the long corridor. The chefs didn’t really paid any attention to him. Some of them only greeted him with simple smile and friendly nod with their hands busy with work while Shou himself returned them with a nod and a smile as well.

The thin man stepped through a small door then stepped up the wooden styled stairs. He arrived at a quiet hall way with only staff or waitress sometimes passing around. He stepped to the left and walk along the way until he found a sliding door. He opened it and stepped inside then closed it again.

Okuni was there, sitting on her desk and talked in fluent France to the phone. She smiled and waved at Shou while the man returned her smile and stepped into a small table near the window, pouring a cup of tea for himself.

"Are you okay? Your face looks kind of pale," Okuni said immediately after she hung up.

"Mm-hm, I'm fine. Just feeling a little cold," answered Shou after taking a sip of his tea.

He put the cup down then stepped closer to Okuni’s desk. Opening his black coat and handed her the black sword that had been hanging on his waist. Okuni was instantly stoned for a moment before she slowly stood up from her chair. Her red lips curved into a small opened smile in disbelief. She gracefully accepted the sword with both of her hands.

"I never thought you were serious about this..." said Okuni while slowly opened the sheath, looked at the rusty blade in admiration.

Shou smiled, "You know me. I am a serious person. "

Okuni returned him a grateful smile, "Are you hungry? I’ll order a dinner for you. "

"Uh ... gyoza with beef?"

Okuni smiled, she pulled the sword back into its sheath then put it on the edge of her desk. She stepped to the door and slid open it. She stopped a waitress then whispered something to her. Shou removed both of his gloves off his hands, he sat down on the oriental style white sofa near the wall. His nose was still red and his breath came out in soft smoke. Shou took off his shoes then pulled up his legs, lying down perfectly on the sofa using the armrest as a pillow.

"I think you have a fever..." said Okuni who was standing beside the sofa, shadowing Shou’s head with her two hands touching the man's forehead.

"It'll come down..." Shou said as he turned on the television, Okuni returned his simple tone with a pinch to the cheek using her red-nailed fingers.

"Stay home for a while. It's already end of November, or you’ll get worse," Okuni instructed him in motherly tone as she sat back on her desk.

"Yes, mam. By the way, why did you call me? Do you need anything? "

Okuni nodded, her eyes focused on her laptop screen, "Maybe, just in case if I need you. Might as well keeping an eye on your health. "

Shou simply hummed. His eyes were glued to the anime show on the television large screen. For a moment the both of them were just busy with themselves until someone knocked on the door. Okuni gave a soft ‘come in’ with her eyes still on the screen. A waitress entered, bowed to her then pushed a trolley contained a set of meals for one person.

It’s a bowl of rice, a bowl of warm soup with mushroom and round tofu, a plate of beef teriyaki and two slices of fried rolled egg and a bowl of green salad. Shou sat up and looked at all the meals that were served on the table right before the sofa.

"I thought I said gyoza."

"No picking food in my domain, eat," pressed Okuni.

Shou sighed in defeat as he clapped his hand then muttered ‘ittadakimasu’. He grabbed his chopstick and rice bowl before started eating calmly, eyes glued back to the anime show on the television. Okuni once again occupied by phone calls. Eyes glanced back and forth to her laptop and smartphone occasionally. The phone on the desk rang again.

"Izumo speaking."

Okuni was silent for a moment, her lips slowly curved into a thin smile.

"Where are you now? "

She was silent again with her smile grows even more.

"Stay there, someone will fetch you ... .... Yes, see you later," She whispered before hung up.

Okuni raised her face and stared at the man on the sofa, "Shou-kun, after you done I hope you don’t mind doing me a favor."

"Anytime you want," Shou nodded with his eyes still fixed on the television screen.

~ * ~

"Where are you now?"

"Near the Yamanote train station."

"Stay there. Someone will fetch you..."

"Un, thank you."

"Yes, see you later."

"See you later, Mam."

Takashi hung up, straightened his backpack then put his cellphone back into his jeans pocket. His hand slipped the business card back into the pocket as well. He stepped along the street to a Konbini. He took a basket then started striding along the store slowly. His hands started working and took various type of stuffs.

He took cup instant noodles, pocky with chocolate and ice cream flavors, double packs of cigarettes, cup instant noodles again with a different flavor, then two ¥500 bento boxes. Few coins remained in his wallet after he paid and he spent them all on the vending machine for two cans of cola.

Takashi took a seat in one of the bench circling the fountain. His surrounding was still pretty much lively with couples and some groups of excited teenagers who were enjoying the night life. Takashi put his fat backpack beside him then took out the double bento boxes. He started eating them peacefully while occasionally looking at the sky.

He stayed there for quite a long while. His two ears stuffed with headset that singing hard loud music. After he finished, the empty plastic bentou boxes still stayed beside him with two empty cola cans. Takashi just sat there listening music, smoking and staring at the sky. Sometimes a soft la-la-la came out from his small mouth.

Suddenly his cell phone rang, but Takashi realized it because of the vibrations he felt on the thigh. He took off the headset plugs from his ears then fumbled his hand in his pocket to pull out the phone. An unknown number was showed on the screen and he immediately answered the call.


"I’m the driver."

Takashi blinked, slowly turned his head back and forth to his surroundings. He caught a sight of a tall thin man in black coat stood beside a silver sedan that was parked near the station. The man was having a phone on his ear. They caught each other eyes and the man waved his single hand to him.

~ * ~

The Silver sedan moved smoothly on the lonely highway. Night lights of the city reflected on the silver paint and black window like a collections of shooting star. Takashi sat on the back seat. His eyes were staring onto the scenery through the dark window. The scenery outside looked so alive even though it was almost midnight.

Shou occasionally glanced at him through the rear-view while kept driving calmly. None of them exchanged a word along the way until they arrived on the destination. It was a hotel at the business district of the capital. The building was only seven floors high. It had a minimalist design with white paint but the inside was elegant and quiet luxurious.

"Come with me." The first sentence Shou spoke.

Takashi nodded and followed him. He remained silent and completely un-wavered by the luxurious atmosphere that was intimidating his shabby sweater and jeans. They stepped into the elevator and up to the fourth floor.

As they arrived there, Shou led him to a room not far from the elevator door. He opened the dark wooden door and let Takashi stepped inside the quiet lonely room. Okuni was there, greeted him with a smile. She wore a light blue kimono with black obi. Her hair was styled in a simple bun.

"Thank you for coming. It is nice to see you again," Okuni said with a smile.

"Nice to see you again too, mam," said Takashi, a simple smile as well.

Both of them exchanged bow before Okuni led him to the corner of the room. Shou was no longer on the sight. There was pair of cushioned chairs with a small table in the middle arranged near the closed large windows. The white curtains were closed. Okuni allow him to sat with her. Takashi mouthed thank you and put his backpack on the floor before he sat on the chair across her. For a moment they were just staring at each others eyes. Okuni let out a warm smile.

"Well, then…” She started with a nod then stared at the boy’s eyes again, “First, I will describe the job to you, and then we’ll discuss particular things. How’s that sound to you?”

Takashi nodded with a simple smile, “Perfect.”

Okuni return him with a smile as well.

“We would like you to be a silver service waiter working for private functions. You will wear what we told you to wear and you will work with other waitresses in a team. Some of whom have more responsibility. You’ll be engaged in freelance basis, job by job. The pay is ¥10,000 per hour in cash. There will be room for promotion—You do understand what I mean, don’t you?"

Takashi nodded again.

She smile and nodded as well, "Good... But allow me to make it clear, there will be no penetration. None of my guests are allowed to enter you nor in reverse way. In my domain, your body is my holy temple—”

“My body is not a holy temple,” Takashi cut her, still with his expressionless eyes.

Okuni paused, she gave in with a nod but her smile said something else, “That’s right my darling… But while you do the job, your body belongs to me… So I hope you’ll treat it with care.”

Takashi was silent. But then he gave in a nod with another smile.

Okuni smiled back. “Now then, silver service.... Are you familiar with silver service?"


Okuni just nodded with an amusement hidden in her smile, "From what side does one serve the dish?"

"... Right side."

"Left side." Okuni paused with another smile, "Not to worries, we’ll cover you. We’ll cover every work-related thing for you.”

Takashi just silent with another nod and a small smile.

"And I can assure you that either one of us can terminate our arrangement at any time. Therefore please be sure to maintain another more reliable source of income.”

Takashi nodded again with a smile, “Understood.”

“I need you to fully understand one more thing—” She stopped there; her eyes gleamed in unreadable way. “We rely on mutual trust. Discreet… is our law. I obliged to tell you that there will be consequences… Very—severe consequences for any breach of our law. Am I clear?" she whispered, her melodious voice sounded gentle in dangerous way.

Takashi was silent. But not long after, he gave the lady a simple nod. “Yes…”

Okuni let out a thin smile with a hidden satisfaction in her eyes, “Well, then... Are you still interested?"

He was still silent for a moment but then Takashi nodded. “Yes, very much. Mam.”

Okuni took a deep breath. Her red lips curved into a thin smile. "Very well. Now please strip, I would like to see you."

Takashi paused for a brief moment. He smiled and nodded then removed his gray sweater off his figure. He stood up and started stripping his tight black jeans from his legs. Okuni sat still, staring at the long slender legs with very serious eyes. As if she was observing a glass vase that she was about to purchased. Takashi started undo his button shirt one by one before he took it off.

"Are you a smoker?"


"Since when?"

"A year ago."

The lady then stood up, almost as height as Takashi. The boy was now nude with only underwear bellow his hip, standing like a lifeless mannequin. Okuni began touching his skin still with her observing eyes.

“No piercing?”

“On my lower lip once, but I had it removed long time ago.”

“Good, any tattoo? Permanent scars?”



She stroke her fingers on the fair shoulder blade then down to his collar bone and chest. Then she moved behind him, touched his pale thin back and along the curve of his waist down to his hips. She slid her hand up again to the back of his neck, stroking it in observing way.

"Are you in any medication?"


"Any disease? Allergy? Asthma? Anything?"

Takashi smiled, "No, mam."

"Good. What about other drugs?”

“Occasionally. … Very rarely I think.”

Okuni let out a thin smile behind him, “Don’t be shy… Throughout history of mankind drugs has been our friends since many centuries…”

Takashi only blinked and stared at nowhere. She smiled then stepped to his side and lift Takashi’s left arm. Stroking along the skinny line to his hand, touching his skin on his bicep and elbow to every bony of his fingers. She moved to other side and do the same thing with his right arm.

"Now you may sit back..." Okuni said as she let him go.

Takashi simply sat while Okuni stepped to the door and gave it a knock twice. Shou opened the door from outside and stepped inside. This time he bring a bag with him. He walked quickly to the chair where Takashi sat with his legs closed tight. Felt slightly cold by the air conditioner inside the room.

Shou put his bag on the table, he took off his coat and put it away in a chair across from Takashi. He rolled up the sleeves of his black shirt up to his elbows. He then took off his black gloves as well and take out a small thin flash light from his bag.

"Face me," Shou said as he hold Takashi’s face.

Shou was checking his eyelids while flashing them as well, lifting his chin. Occasionally turning his face to the left and to the right, and then trailing his fingers down to his high cheek bones.

"Open your mouth..." he said as he lift the younger man’s cheek.

Takashi obediently opened his small mouth. Shou flashing the inside and observed the small cavern a moment.

"Stick out your tongue," he said.

Takashi do as he said, sticking out his tongue with his mouth still opened. Shou moved his flash light slightly and observe his inside again before he nodded and let him go.

“Good,” he muttered and turned off the flash light.

Shou fumbled with his bag and took out a long pallate card. He also took out a box containing small bottles and then he wore a pair of synthetic rubber gloves. He grabbed one of Takashi’s hand, pressed each fingertips gently. When he reached the thumb, Shou pressed the tip and pressed the blush slightly with a small needle.

"Sorry," Shou muttered when he heard a small hissing from Takashi.

"It's okay," he said, shaking his head.

Shou pressed the bloody thumb onto each square of his long white card and put it on the table. He gave the four blood stamps one drop of different fluids from the small bottles and left it there. He stood up and took of his rubber gloves off then put them back in his bag.

Shou was then kneeling in front of Takashi, touching the skin of his thighs, occasionally pressing and rubbing it with his fingers. Then slowly his hands continued to explore along his thin legs. He caressed it down to knee then ankle until the fingertips. Each to the pair of his legs. His eyes observed in unreadable stares.

"Lift your knee a little," Shou said.

Takashi simply nodded and complied, letting the unknown man between his legs in such state. Shou rested one of the legs on his shoulder blade while he began touching the inner thighs pale skin. Caressed and massaged his skin down to the moist curve of his lower cheeks.

"What’s this?" Shou said, pointed to the soft red mark on his left inner thigh right before his underwear.

Takashi stared down a bit to see where Shou was pointing, "It’s bite mark.. I think."

“Then I guess it’ll fade in two days,” Shou said as he stood up and gave a nod to the lady.

Okuni nodded, “You may get dressed,” she said to Takashi.

The boy complied and grabbed his shirt, began re-buttoning them slowly. Shou took his white card from the table. Observing the change of colours on each blood stamp and put the card into a flat plastic box. He put it on his bag and began rolled down his sleeves. He wore his black gloves and wrapped his body with his black coat again.

Shou nodded at Okuni and grabbed his bag before stepped out of the room. Takashi was just zipped back his jeans and about to wear his sweater.

"This room is yours. Take a good long rest, you will be busy tomorrow," she said gently.

"Thank you," he said as he blinked.

"You’re welcome..." she whispered as she stepped closer to him, "Do not hesitate to call the room service. They will provide everything for you... They will teach everything you need to do…" she said amusingly.

"Thank you again," he smiled.

"Well, you’ll repay me..." Okuni paused with a thin smile, "Good night..."

Takashi bowed to her and she returned it with a nod. Okuni was still staring at him with indescribable gazes for a moment before she smiled warmly and stepped to the doors. But before her thin fingers touched the door knob, she turned his head to looked at Takashi again.

"One more thing... During this job, I will name you Saga."

The young man was silent for a moment before he simply nodded. Okuni smiled again and this time she opened the door and stepped out. The wooden door with B12 number hung on it now shut. Shou was still standing outside, carrying his bag before he joined the lady and stepped into the elevator together.

"What do you think?" the lady asked.

“Plain, exactly what you need him to be…”

“We’ll see.”

~ * ~

Takashi was laying crosswise on the soft king-sized bed. His brown eyes stared at the crystal light lamp on the high ceiling. Occasionally he rolled here and there, hugging the pillow or playing with the fluffy blanket. Sometimes he was just silently listening to the sound of tickling clock. It was 2 o’clock in early morning.

Not long after that he sat up, staring at his surrounding like a newly purchased pet cat staring at his new place. He got off of the bed and began to strip all of his clothes off and stepped in to the bathroom. He pulled the hot water tab to fill the khaki coloured bath tub. He stepped back to his bedroom and grab one of the remotes on the table.

Takashi turned on the large flat screen television there, stared at the night news that was shown on the screen. He took another smaller remote and aimed it towards the air conditioner. He pressed the button several times to raise the temperature. Takashi then raised the volume of the television and then put both remote back on the table.

He walked back into the bathroom, pulled off the water tab when he saw the tub was full enough with warm water. Takashi once again looked around the elegant large bathroom. He saw the toiletries were arranged neatly near the large mirror with transparent glass washbasin.

He observed them one by one until he found a bottle with the word “liquid soap” on it. He opened it and poured the liquid onto his palm. He then rubbed the soap onto his dry skin neck and chin while stepped toward the bathtub.

Takashi was silent for a moment before he forcefully opened the head bottle and emptied the contain by pouring all the liquid into the water. He dropped the empty bottle to the floor and then stepped into the tub. He sighed contently as the warm water embraced his skin.

~ * ~

It was a dark night waiting for the sun that would rise in a couple hours. The black night sky began to turn blue. Tora sipped his whiskey from the round crystal glass. He was bare chested and stand tall facing the large glass wall that faced the city from above. His hair was still dripping wet with a small dark navy towel hung on his strong neck. He was staring emptily at the sights of the city that looks so small from his high hotel room like a diorama. Not far behind him there was a nude woman who was sleeping soundly on the king-sized bed, the blankets just loosely covered her waist down.

Tora heard his smartphone ringed on the telephone table. With a firm but supple steps he walked toward it. Grabbed the flat thin object and looked at the name on the screen for a moment before then answered his call.


"Gato is dead."

"And the sword?"

"Gone. Someone stepped before us. It seems that person was dare to offer a higher price than you. And so poor the big fat guy… Instead the money he got a deadly kiss from a snake right on his face."


"Uh.... Black Mamba. Y’know, like that on Discovery Channel— no, Kill Bill… I think?"

Tora snorted laughter, "A desert snake in urban city... I like that... Who’s the man?"

"Uh... CCTV cameras captured his face. Very noticeable, he dragged a big suitcase and he didn’t even bother to hide his name." There was a sound of flipped papers, “Ah, here he is... Shou Ohara.

Once the name was mentioned, the smile disappeared entirely from Tora’s face. His lips got tight together and his eyes narrowed.

"We have enough evidence to—"

"No." Cut Tora, "He's not a person whom you can just drag behind the bars… not even with evidence…"

"... Eh? B-Boss—"

"Clean them all; make it look like an accident. He had a hobby of collecting exotic animals, it’s not that difficult..." he immediately hung up.

The sleeping woman now startled awake on bed when she heard a loud noise from the broken glass on the floor. She hugged her blanket tight and turned to the man, staring at the firm back of the man who was standing tall against the window wall. Although his face was invisible, the long-haired woman was able to sense the surging anger coming out of the tall man. Making her want to leave the room as soon as possible but she was too afraid to even move a muscle.

Tora took a deep breath, "Skinny little Satan..."

~ * ~

Rays of the newly awakened sun peeked into the window. The thin layered snow on the ground was sparkling like a diamond sand. Okuni had just finished lock her soft black hair into a simple bun, she applied lip balm on her soft coloured lips. She got up from her mirror desk and walked out of her bedroom.

She stepped along the terrace of her house while enjoying the morning air and the view of her Japanese styled garden that was beautifully covered by snow. She went through a long corridor inside and stopped in front of a large sliding door into a room door. She gently opened it and stepped inside.

Shou was there, sleeping soundly on the bed with a blindfold covered his eyes and a sleeping white cat curled up on his stomach. Okuni walked to the window and opened the large curtains. Letting the sunlight into the room. She turned back and walk to the bed, gently carrying the cat off from Shou.

"Morning, Chirori..." she whispered and kissed the cat's nose.

Okuni hugged the cat with one hand and with her other hand she pull Shou’s left ear. The man was instantly awakened with sharp yelped.

"Breakfast is ready, hurry."

Shou sat up and yawned, rubbed his left ear that still slightly aching red. He then slowly took the blindfold off of his eyes, slightly dazzled by the shade rays of the sunlight through his window.

"Beef steak?"


~ * ~

Takashi awoke to find some of the hotel staff already in his room. They cleaned everything and took his dirty clothes. They also provided new clothes and a set of complete breakfast dishes like toast, ham, cheese, egg and green salad with a cup of warm milk. After he finished eating, Takashi was led to a salon and spa in the hotel to get beauty treatment.

Started with his hair that was washed with a honey and vanilla scent shampoo. His long bangs were slightly cut but they let the length of his hair as it is. He got to sauna bath. They applied cold cream on his face and such. They smeared all his skin with some sort of milky lotion with flowery scent and then massage him until the boy fell asleep. They polish his nails both on hands and feet.

After they’re done with his body, they took the boy to the room where they usually trained the new employee, upgrading his set skill from ordinary waiter of local restaurant to a descent waiter of the higher class. It wasn’t difficult because the boy naturally absorb everything like a cotton.

After more than five hours being dragged back and fort in the hotel, Takashi was finally free. He went back to his room. He called room service to order one set of pasta with French fries and sausages for lunch. He ate them while his eyes are focused on the television screen. He spent two, three different episodes from different show in row before he turned off the tv. He got up, wore some descent clothes and walked out from his room. He followed a woman into the elevator down. He then stepped out of the hotel building.

Takashi joined the salary men in neat clothes that were walking along the sidewalk. He entered a big bookstore with café terrace on the road side. He walked slowly with his eyes glanced at the row of books on the shelf. Unaware of many pair of eyes who stole glance at his figure, men and women.

Being scrapped and polished for hours like a raw gem, Takashi who was usually plain and somewhat worn out now turned into a teen model out of cosmetic ads. His clothes were smooth and brand new though slightly opened at the chest for the cold weather.

Big thick black cardigan with white strip covered his upper body down to the middle of his thigh, his v-collar was enough to reveal the smooth skin of his chest. There was a cross pendant hanging on the necklace. Grayish white jeans pants with three black strips in the knee. His shoes were sole thick with black base and white.

His plain white skin now looked flushed and milky soft. His fingers were clean and neat and his face looked smooth like a porcelain statue. His tiny sakura lips were naturally wet and moist. Making some girls couldn’t help but whispering behind their books. Fantasying how would it feel to touch the boy’s skin. Serious looking men stealing a stare behind their laptops and books.

But Takashi remained unaffected. His eyes fixed on the mass ranks of manga books from the old to the latest. He took one of the latest edition of Shounen Jump that was already opened from the plastic warp, he opened a few pages and began to read one chapter.

There was a man standing next to him, tan skinned, bright blond hair, standing tall while reading one manga magz. His clothes were thick with dark green jacket and a pair of worn blue jeans, a pair of brown leather boots covered his firm feet. Perhaps a part-timer from a local shop who stopped by to read manga during his break.
His nose catch the scent of honey that made his breath somewhat fluttered. He glanced to his side and instantly fascinated by the little face who’s busy reading a manga just like him. He soon felt uncomfortable when he realized that the soft beauty he caught belonged to a young male. But nowadays the world has gone insane. Anyone could be fascinated by unnatural beauty. So he kept glancing, taking a breath to taste the intriguing faint scent of honey from the fair skinned young man.

Takashi turned to him, and the man remained silent when he caught off staring. In fact, he smiled. Takashi simply smiled back and returned to his manga. Back to his own world. The man himself went back to his own book. But his mind still lingers on the young man next to him.

Soon he turned again, paused a moment while biting his own lower lip, "... You have pretty mouth." He said plainly.

Takashi turn his face to him again, he blinked and smiled a little, "... Thank you." And he went back to his book.

He was still staring at Takashi, but this time his face was nervous. Probably cursing at himself inside. Regret about the last two words that came out from his lips like a pervert. He coughed and focused back on his book. Meanwhile Takashi closed the manga magz and return it to the shelf. He took five new manga magz that still wrapped with plastic from the shelf and then turned to face the tan skinned man beside him.

"Do you like my mouth?" He asked.

The tall man instantly turned his face to him and stoned. His two eyes staring at Takashi’s own without blinking. His mouth was slightly parted in disbelief. But then he nodded.

"If you pay these books for me, then you can do anything to my mouth."

The man in dark green jacket finally blinked. His eyes and mouth are stoned even more. For a moment they just stared at each other on between the tall lines of bookshelf. The man shut his mouth as if he try to prevent something leaking from his dry mouth. He put the book back on the shelf as his breath beginning to feel hot. His eyes were staring at Takashi in improper way. His two hands gripped the five books off from Takashi’s own.

"Can you do deep throat?" he whispered.

Takashi nodded with a smile.

"...... Banzai~"

-to be continue-

A/N: I have no idea how the art students do their things, so I just made up some stuff. Art students, please don’t mad at me T^T For Okuni Izumo character, I took her image from the beautiful Japanese Actress Norika Fujiwara. Her eyes and her smiles took my breath away (*////*) I hope you enjoyed this chapter, as always feedback will be veeeeery appreciates. Lemme know what you think, see you on the next chapter and thank you very much for reading! #kiss
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