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09 March 2015 @ 03:07 am
The Sleeping Beauty || Part 01 ||  
Title: The Sleeping Beauty
Author: yousei_ranka
Chapter: 01/07
Pairing(s): (???) x Saga.
Genre: AU, mature, psychological, slice of life.
Warning: menxmen relationship, murder.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Sleeping Beauty belongs to Julia Leigh, Kill Bill Belongs to Quentin Tarantino, and my favorite OT3 belongs to A9. I own nothing, just something I wrote here... #cries
Summary: Takashi Sakamoto is a very diligent and a hard worker boy. But he’s somewhat odd. He rarely spoke and his face was often expressionless.
Comment: Beta-read credit goes to my lovely potato pudding ma_rendezvous. This story was based on the Australian Independent movie “Sleeping Beauty” (2011).

sleeping beauty 01


Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young princess…

She was asleep in a dark lone castle

Sealed within the deep, deep darkness of the wood

Hundred years never awakened.

All by the curse of the evil witch

It is said, with only a true love kiss—

She shall awake…



It was a cold night at the end of November. A young man came out from a closed family restaurant, just after he bid goodbye to his co-workers. There were two young waitresses behind the cashier desk, still wearing their uniform.

Takashi Sakamoto; they whispered the name after he’s no longer on their sight. His age is probably around 18 or 20 years old; a very diligent and a hard worker boy. But he’s somewhat odd. He rarely spoke and his face was often expressionless. Such a shame for he is a quiet handsome boy; with soft and fair skin, small face, small eyes, slight pouty small lips, pointy nose, slender with a pair of nice long legs.

Rumour has it he was dropped out from school because his family had been fairly broken, in a lot more ways. His father had disappeared with another woman when he was a child. His mother had been left broken and become an alcoholic, working loosely in a bar, sucking up money from man after man. Takashi’s growth had never really get their attention.

The child became a very independent young man. Aside from working on a family restaurant at night, he worked in various places from day to dawn. Early morning, he delivered newspaper from house to house. He worked part-time as a packing employee in a local delivery business. Sometimes he was hired as a freelance model in an Art Faculty at a local university.

He also worked as a cleaning service in a hospital, and occasionally, voluntarily became a medical test subject for research in the said hospital. He doesn’t mind getting dirty or having a heavy work; didn’t mind stripping his clothes off and his skin drawn. A very obedient young worker, indeed.

Takashi arrived at his small apartment where he and his mother lived—maybe no longer. All his greyish furniture was outside. Some of his stuff had even already been piled in a garbage box. Scratchy papers with vulgar word such “whore” or “give me my money back” were roughly written there. It seemed like his mother would never coming back started this night.

“There you are!”

Takashi was about to leave but he stopped. Staring at a woman in mid-fifty with slim pale face who furiously stepped toward him. Her stuffy fur sandals were making quite an annoying noise.

“Now that you are here, do something with your shits. I want this room as good as new by tomorrow morning. I don’t want those creepy sour faces coming around my place again.”

Takashi was silent.

“You’re lucky your old microwave and that small fridge still work just fine. So I’ll take that as 20% of your rent debt. Now you just have to pay the rest before you leave.”

The boy silent still, only staring at her. The woman furiously made a ‘tsk’ sound and pushed his shoulder, annoyed.

“Don’t be just silent! Don’t you have any manner left?! At least leave some small good impression before you disappear! Don’t be like that whore mother of yours, suddenly vanished without even pay some gratitude!”

Again, still there’s no respond from Takashi. The Landlady was getting even more fed up, her teeth gritted.


“Stop shouting, OLD HAG.” Interrupt a rough voice.

Both Takashi and his landlady turned around. A tall guy with messy look stepped up the stairs. He walked loosely like someone who were just out of two days hangover. His skin was a dirty tan and his hair was a messy blood red.

“Don’t you have any idea what time is it? Stop wasting your money for beauty night cream if you keep barking like a mad dog eeeevery fucking night…” He yawned.

“Keep that fish mouth shut, Kubo! You haven’t paid for five months long! If you have some money to bet on horse, you should at least pay some of your debt, or I’ll kick yer ass out!!” She shouted, her wrinkles all more clear in her angry face.

A thick brown envelope was thrown at the landlady’s face. Pieces of money fell down from the opened envelope to the dirty floor. The amount was more than enough to pay all the tan man’s rent debt. Probably even enough to pay Takashi’s and his mother’s debt too.

“Put some more cream on that wrinkle and get some sleep~” Kubo said as he dragged Takashi’s elbow, pushing him into his room which was right beside Takashi’s no-longer-room.

The door was slam shut by Kubo, as if saying its annoyed word itself. The landlady gritted her teeth, but her hands were busy picking up every single pieces of yen that were strayed out on the dirty floor. Takashi was still silent inside, staring at Kubo who was just taking off his smoky grey coat.

“Make something nice, I’m starving~” he said as he roughly pushed the younger man’s shoulder, but you can see a deep familiarity between the two.

Takashi nodded and stepped toward the small and stuffy kitchen, opening the fridge to see what he can do. He seemed very familiar with all the corner of the kitchen. He knew where he could find the plate or the knife and washed the dishes.

Kubo cleaned his kotatsu with one swift hand, letting all the trash and the pile of porn magazines fell just like that on the floor. He laid down and turned on the television, starring at the live match of a soccer game. The room was only filled with the buzzy noise of the soccer game and a soft sound of knife cutting.

Not long after, the meals were served on the kotatsu with some canned beers. Simple meals, tofu soup, fried egg roll, fried noodle, rice, no veggies. Both Takashi and Kubo ate silently. Both pair of eyes were staring at the game on the television.

As time went by, the moon was high, so high and the night is even dark. The both of them were naked under the greyish red blanket, sharing a passionate kiss; rough dry lips against the soft plump ones. Holding, embracing, locking each other, skin to skin, like two colours devouring each other. Until they were spent with sweaty skin and rough breath, they fell asleep. No one spoke, not a word. They didn’t need it.


A grey morning came as if the sun himself was too tired to wake up. Takashi was in the small bathroom. His hair was still damped with the scent of soap. He wore his yesterday’s clothes, a pair of old black tight jeans, slight yellowish white shirt and a grey thick sweater.

He was just slightly opening the door when he found Kubo was standing in front of him like a cold blank statue that had long been there. His black eyes softly meet Takashi’s empty brown. His rough tanned hand slipped an envelope with thick money into Takashi’s thin one.

“Stay here… Don’t come out until they’re gone…” he whisper in a weird calming tone.

The door was slowly shut, the light on the bathroom was turned off by Kubo from the outside. Takashi was stay still in the dark, holding the money. Both his eyes blinked. Not some seconds after, there was a sound of rough footsteps. Something sounded like the door was being broken was heard. Probably more than one person did it. Silence then filled the room.

“… Good morning.” Kubo’s yawn voice was heard.

Two loud bangs returned his words, so loud that it sounded so close to Takashi’s ear who was still standing inside the bathroom. The young man only blinked his eyes in the dark. Then, there was the sounds of hands slipping into fabric and such with the sounds of falling furniture. The footsteps now sounded in a hurry and slowly disappeared.

Silence fell once more. Very thick silence until the sounds of ticking clock could be mistaken as a drum. Takashi finally stepped out from the dark bathroom. His eyes slowly turn around to right and left. He keep walking until he reached the front room, his eyes fell and stoned.

The envelope fell from his hand. His pale fingers trembled. His empty brown eyes were now wet with gathering tears. His breath slowly uneven. Kubo was laying on the floor near the kotatsu where they had had dinner last night. His head was soaked with deep color of red, and the liquid scattered around him. There was a hole in his forehead and right cheek.

Takashi fell on his knees. Slowly crawling toward the motionless Kubo, his face soaked with tears. His lips trembled, but not a sound coming out from there. He held Kubo’s still warm tanned hand. Keep holding and caressing the rough finger while his eyes staring at the bloody face, which no longer had sense of time. He couldn’t hear the terrifying scream of his landlady, nor the noise of the sirene of the police car.


Nothing would surprise him, really. The police let him go because they couldn’t get anything useful. The boy didn’t see anything. He came to Kubo’s lonely dull funeral. There were only a policeman, a priest and him. The landlady was nowhere to be seen.

Takashi was fired from the restaurant where he had worked. Apparently, the owner was scared of him after hearing the boy had been hanging out with a guy who was shot dead by some yakuza. Until more than a week, he lived loosely from house to house, apartment to apartment, bed to bed. The doctors, professor, other superior, they willingly sheltered the young man out of pity and to get him warm on their bed.

But this time, Takashi humbly refused all their invitation. For God knows why, the boy chose to spent his night on the street, walking around the silent road, toying the thin snow with each of his step, still wearing his old clothes, a grey sweater, and his tight black jeans. Who knows where he’s going to sleep, but the boy didn’t seem like he need a sleep. In fact, he didn’t look like he need anything.

When he reached the lonely zebra cross, a burst of light of a car flashed on him like a wave. Takashi didn’t have the chance to react since his body had already hit and fell to the cold stoned road. The car stopped with a sharp sound, then A woman with bloody red kimono stepped out. Her step was so furious as she panickedly reached to the already unconscious boy.


Okuni Izumo, the name was written on the shiny gold card, making the nurse on the cashier desk humbly smiled to the beautiful tall lady in red kimono. Her lips were sensually thick and small with deep red colour, her face was a perfect oval. Her black night hair was rolled in a simple bun. Her beauty was so young and ageless, but there was this elderly grace in her eyes and her body’s gesture.

Her steps were still so smooth even as she hurriedly walked toward one of the treatment chamber on the emergency section. Her two huge black bodyguards stayed on the door like a two statue when Okuni stepped inside. Takashi was there, sitting on the edge of the bed with a doctor who was just finish treating his small wound. Two small plasters were on Takashi’s forehead and one on his elbow.

“How is he, doctor?”

“He’s fine, Madam. Only some small wounds, I guess your driver hit the brake right on time. Right, boy?” Said the doctor with a smile.

Takashi nodded.

“Uh… But… he was unconscious just a moment ago.”

“Oh, that… His body was already weak from exhaustion and was probably lack of nutrition. A little graze will enough to knock him down. ….He’s probably a teenager who ran away from home.” He added with a faint whisper.

But Okuni didn’t pay attention. Her mind was now somewhere else. By God knows when, Okuni’s eyes were locked on Takashi’s, as if drawn by the pair of dull and cold brown color. Takashi simply stared back at her, blinking. Slowly, those red lips curved up into a small smile; an unreadable small smile.

“Thank you very much, Doctor.” She said smoothly.

“You’re welcome, Madame. If you’ll excuse me.” He said with a smile then stepped out.

Takashi was now left alone with the lady. Both of them fell silent and only stared at each other, but the smile was still lingering on Okuni’s red lips, while nothing had changed on Takashi’s face.

“What’s your name, Child?”

“… Takashi Sakamoto.”

“Takashi…. That’s a very common name.”

Takashi only slightly shrugged his shoulder. Okuni’s smile became even wider.

“I like that though… Takashi… sounds sweet when whispered…”

The young man only blinked once more. Still nothing changed on his face features but a confusion in his eyes.

“… Where do you live?”

Takashi answered with another small shrug. Somehow the Lady didn’t look surprise, not even slight. She stepped closer to him. Cupped the boy’s face with both of her red nailed palms, softly caressing the high cheek bones. She stared at those unreadable awe on his dull brown eyes.

“… Come with me.”



A white silverish taxi moved in a smooth motion through the soft falling snow, entering a large yard then stopped. A thin man in the taxi tightened his black gloves. He gave more than enough money to the driver who then accepted them with a very wide smile. They thanked each other before the thin man in black coat stepped out. His breath came out in a vapor, his nose were red.

He stares up the midnight, almost pitch black and starless sky, yet somehow still looked beautiful to him. It’s a shame there were just too much building around, too tall as if trying rip apart the sky. He took a deep breath once more and stepped toward one of the arrogantly tall building.

The lobby was very elegant and classy. The floor was golden and mirrored his black long legs.
But the man didn’t seem like enjoying his view. He simply walked to the receptionist desk while dragging his single suitcase.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for this address… By the name of Douji Gato.” He said as he gave a small piece of paper to the beautiful lady behind the desk who accepted it with friendly smile.

“You must be Mr. Shou Ohara?” She said after clicking something on her computer.

“That’s right…” He said with a humble smile.

“Top floor, sir. Left wing.” She said as she returned the paper back to the man.

“Thank you very much.” He nodded again with a smile.

The young lady behind the desk returned his smile, still staring at his back even when the man had already been far away and disappeared behind the elevator door. She couldn’t help it. The thin man was very worth to look; all tall and very handsome even though he looked kind of frail with cough and reddish nose.

The elevator kept moving up smoothly. Sometimes it stopped, and one or two person would enter then went out again. Shou stood with his back leaning against the golden wall on a corner. He stayed there until the elevator reached the very top and stopped. He stepped out, welcomed by a very lonely corridor. There were almost no sounds at all heard after the elevator behind him was closed and came back down.

He continued dragging his small black suitcase. Stepping along the corridor slowly, his eyes scanned the door as he passed. There were numbers by numbers on the door. When he reached the room number 335, he stopped right before its door. He stayed silent for a while before finally gave the door three soft knocks.

“Who is it?” Asked a very heavy voice from inside.

“I’m the money.”

Silence answered him. Shou smiled, with no hesitation he reach the door knob. It turned out the door wasn’t locked, so he opened it slowly. He was welcomed by a gun pointed at his face from a fat elderly man with sharp line eyes and bowl head. His round big belly was barely held down by the grey suit on his body.

“Good evening, Gato-san…”

“Are you really alone?”

Shou simply smiled and closed the door behind him, “As promised~”

The fat old man snorted as he pulled back his gun. But his sharp thin eyes still watchful as ever with somewhat hatred in it.

“Sit your bony ass down~”

“I thank you.” He said as he bowed.

The round man stepped toward his mini bar while Shou dragged his suitcase toward a wooden sofa. He sat there, putting his black suitcase on the table in horizontal position. He coughed suddenly but calmed down again with a deep breath.

“Drink?” Said Douji, still holding his gun while his other hand grabs two round glasses.

“Just water, please. Thank you.” Said Shou while tightening his dark gloves again.

Douji put three block of ice into a glass then poured it with whiskey. The other glass he filled with water from the tab.

“When did the last time you check-up?”

“Uh.. ‘bout four months ago, I guess.” Shou said with a shrug.

“Careful, diabetes is a very tricky killer…” Douji said, as if he tried to offend someone.

Still with a gun in his hand, Douji used his other hand to carry both glasses. Using his thick rough fingers to hold them. With heavy steps he walked towards the younger man on the couch. Shou was still smiling while mouthing thank, when his drink was roughly given to his hand. Douji sat on the couch across of Shou. His breath was heavy and somewhat snorted, as if he had just walked from a very distant place.

“How is the fox lady?” Asked the elderly big man before he drank his drink.

“Beautiful, and her hobbies are just getting absurd…” said Shou between his chuckle.

“… and you?”

Shou only raised an eyebrow in question while he sipped his water. Douji loosely put the the gun on top of the suit case. but the mouth was directed at Shou and his rough finger seemed like ready to pull the trigger.

“… How many people you fucked up dead today?”

Shou smiled and humbly shook his head, “Not a single one.”

“No shitting with me. I know you. Always know, behind those smiles and pretty eyes of yours… you’re a maniac.”

Shou smiles once more, “I’m just a lonely jobless guy for this whole month, really…”

A heavy silence crept between them. After a while, Douji snorted. His thin eyes turned to the black suit case in front of him.

“… is this my money inside the case?”

“You’re going to shot me?”

“It’s empty~” he said as he threw the gun to Shou’s lap.

The thin man simply sipped on his water when found out the revolver was indeed empty. His eyes scanned around the large classy living room, staring on detail at every curved on the ceiling then down to the furniture. He spot a big glass box on the corner with a medium size black katana inside.

“Is that the sword?” Shou ask as he got up, putting the gun and his empty glass on the table.

Douji nodded without batting an eye on Shou. The fat old man just opened the case. He was stunned like a gaped pig, seeing a pile of dollar that stuffed fat inside the suitcase. His smiles were wide and hungry and his thin eyes sharpened like a line. He grimaced and chuckled like a mad man, his saliva almost fell from his mouth.

His big fat rough hand caressed every pieces of the money as if caressing the curve of a naked woman’s body, still grinning and chuckling. But then suddenly he stop. Both his thin eyes were now staring at Shou’s back. The thin black coated man was standing near the glass box, staring at the sword. Shou didn’t realize it when Douji pulled out another gun from his suit and putt a muffler on its mouth. He cocked the gun and pointed them towards the black coated back.

Shou heard the weird clicking sound so he turned around. Couldn’t hold his widening eyes at the sight of the weapon aimed at him. He held his breath, while the old big man smirked with a slithery stare on his thin eyes.

“I lied…”

Three shots were fired to Shou’s chest. The bullets made the sound like a spear pierced through the flesh. The tall thin figure fell flat on his back to the floor, like a wooden puppet that suddenly cut off its string. His eyes were still open yet now had been motionless.

Douji now released his heavy terrifying laugh. With lust he grab a handful of money and caressed them on his rough face, as if his ugly face would turn handsome right on the spot. He started counting the money, a handful after another, he drew them out and spread them on the table, still with a wide wet smirk.

Before he reached the half of the case, however, Douji suddenly stop. His thin eyes spotted an unusual rope, stucked between the pile of the money. So he quickly got them out; a pile after pile of money to see what was that thing. But he soon regretted it.

A grey slender snake hissed at him from the suit case. Douji didn’t have the chance to react when the black mouthed snake suddenly bit his face. His big fat body shocked and crashed backward but bounced back forward by the back of his couch, earning him another bite from the snake right on his left eyes.

Douji could only let out a silent scream as he crashed again, now fell backward because his couch couldn’t hold the amount weight of his body. Douji rolled on his floor like a big pile of meat. His face was reddened and his left eye which was bleeding was mixed with foam. His body was shock in a great convulsion.

“I lied…” said Shou who’s now standing tall from his spot.

The thin man was still coughing a bit as he held his neck. He tucked off the bullets that stuck on his Kevlar chest behind his coat and let them fell on the floor. He smiled, taking the black katana out from its box and drew the blade. The grey snake now turned to Shou and hissed, still inside the case. With one swift movement he threw the snake using the blade. The snake crashed against the wall and fell behind the bar.

“You know… I copied the snake-inside-the money trick from Kill Bill 2. Never thought that it will really work just fine…” He said as he pulled the sword back, started gathering the money and properly put them back on the suit case.

Douji couldn’t answer him. He could only groan weakly like a strangled man. So Shou stop suddenly, staring at the big man who was now laid weak like boneless fat pig, his round red face now swollen and turned blue on the fuming left eye.

“Ah, nearly forgot.”

Shou stepped toward the bar and dragged one of its chairs. He positioned it near the head of the laying Douji. He sat there, crossed his long legs in a relaxing way and started swiping his smartphone screen.

“Now… entering my favorite part of the movie…” he touch-open an article, smiling, “That one thin girl who just bit you, it’s named black mamba. One of the most deadly snakes in Africa. ……. And she’s pretty expensive.” Added Shou as he nervously cleared his throat.

Douji’s pained groan now could only heard as weak hum, while Shou himself still fussed over his smart phone.

“Where the— oh here it is… It is said that one single bite of Black Mamba venom can cause a certain death within four hours, if it’s on the knee or the ankle. BUT, if it’s bitten on the face or torso, it will cause a 20 minutes painful convulsion to death. One way door to the death, nasty lil girl…”

Shou stopped reading and stares at the laying trembled man on the floor.

“Just hang on for a second. This is my favorite part of my favorite parts of the movie…” he smiled before turning back to his smartphone screen as he cleared his throat. “If the victim don’t hurriedly treat with antivenom, 10 to 15 milligram black mamba venom can be fatal to human beings. But the surprising outstanding fact said, a black mamba can deliver 100 to 400 milligram venom…. In one single bite. Such a price for a single kiss~” he ended.

Shou took a deep breath and close his smartphone, “Elle Driver is really stunning… I’m glad she didn’t die. Rumor has it she will have a major part on Kill Bill 3… I hope.”

No more sounds were heard from Douji. His reds swollen face was now dark and blue, his left eye turning black.

“I hope you pray… in case there’s a God out there…” he got up, putting back his phone in his coat pocket.

Shou walked back to the table, continued gathering the money and properly arrange them inside the suitcase before closing and locking it. Suddenly his body turned stiff. His hand that was holding the top of his suit case were trembling. His breath began fuming and uneven. His face turned pale; sweat started showing up on his forehead and making some of his hair damp.

Still standing, with one of his shivering hand he dove something out from the inside pocket of his coat. His shoulders were starting to drop and trembled as well. But not long after, he found what he was looking for; it’s a small injection tub. He let go one of his gloves with his teeth and rolled one sleeve up to his elbow. Quickly, he pierced the small needle to his hand.

He hissed, his shoulder shocked hard. But soon his breath beginning to normal. His body no longer trembled and he stood up straight again. The color had gone back to his face. He took a deep breath and pulled down his coat sleeve again. Wearing his black glove again, he put down the suitcase and pulled the holder.

Not forgetting the black katana, he hid the weapon inside his waist coat and stepped out. Closing the door then smoothly walk toward the elevator, dragging his suit case. When Shou was just about to arrive in front of the elevator door, his phone was singing. He swiftly pulled the phone out and read the name “Mother” on his phone screen.

“Okuni?” He answered.

“… Can I have your time?”

Shou closed his eyes and softly smile, “You will always have my time…”



His handsome tall figure stood firmly in front of the mirror. Even with his own reflection, he wouldn’t give a smile. Both hands were busy wearing a tie with red and black lines that were matched with his black suit. A ringing telephone was heard. The man turned and walk to the small table, pressing the loud-speaker button. He stepped back to the mirror.

"All is done ..." said a voice from the phone.

"And the stolen money?"

A nervous pause, "... not all of it I’m afraid. That goddamn Kubo already spent some, but we’re still able to get the rest. Approximately 80% ... "

"Any witnesses?"

Again, a little longer nervous pause, "... No."

"Lie again and I’m gonna blow your brain up."

"Re-really! No one saw us. The boy was hiding in the bathroom and he didn’t see nor hear us because we did not make much noise. Police had also released him because they couldn’t get anything worthy of him.... Thus, he's just a slum boy who had been kicked out by the landlady. Perhaps he'll die by himself on the streets ... "

"For your own safety, he better be ..." he hung up with one finger.

The tall man took a deep breath, his eyebrows and eyes were a pair of sharp hazelnut. He stepped out of the luxurious room to a corridor with the same elegant luxury. Stepping down the grand stair lined with a smooth deep red carpet, two maids then opened the double door for him without being asked.

A while later he had already been in his car. Smoothly break through the sparkling lights of the night life in such speed, the light lines were reflected on his dark car like a colorful meteor. He kept on going in a fast speed on the lonely highway, as if the road were his own.

His Black Audi was stopped at one of the four star hotels in the first class district. He stepped out, masculine body wrapped in a black suit, so handsome yet so cold. Smoothly stride passed the people who bow their heads on him, he was like a panther stepping along the dead trees.

He went into the red floored and glassy elevator. It carried him into one of the top floor. His back faced the beautiful night light scenery that was upspread behind the glass elevator. The door was opened and he was welcomed by the light khaki tall corridor with an elegant red floor. His strong legs stepped firm yet unwilling.

He reached the end of the corridor and spotted few people were standing there. But there was beautiful woman with tall slim feature standing majestically in the middle of the three servants who were busy tidying the woman’s red mermaid night gown. Her smooth black hair fell naturally straight behind her ears, just like Monica Belluci in the Matrix movie.

She had a very similar pair of eyes with the tall black haired handsome man. Hazelnut colored and sharp, but decorated with naturally thick eyelashes. Her beauty was so young, but the way she stood up and stared in cold grace could indicate how old she actualy was.

"Tora ... didn’t I told you to wear a bow tie..." Whispered the red lips, faint but sharp.

"It often strangles me... You do not want me breathless to death in the middle of the crowd ..." He replied equally, standing next to his mother and offer his hand.

"You always loved to tease me, even in such crucial moments like this ..." She was smiling but again, her tone was sharp.

"Believe me, nobody cares with my tie... You're so beautiful, mother. Their eyes will only fall for you..." Muttered Tora without glancing at his mother.

The woman glanced sharply but she answered his hand. They both stepped into a dark room that was full of curtain fabrics. The sound of the crowd was heard from behind the cloth. They continued walking to a small staircase that led them to a stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the birthday lady. Shiori Amano-san!!" Said the emcee on stage excitedly to greet them.

Bright light and applause greeted them. A wide smile was curved on Shiori’s lips, very contrast with her cold face before. She bowed in gratitude several times, patting his chest, looking so happy. But Tora remained cold.

At the very last moment he manage to escape before the light on the stage fell to him. Snorting his breath, he stepped out of the door and headed for the elevator earlier, not willing to be on display by his mother on stage like some exhibits in a zoo.

"Where are you going?"

Tora turned. There was an old man and a girl who stepped toward his way. The old man was thin, his hair and beard were white like. He wore a white suit with a bloody red bow tie. Beside him stood a girl who might be a quarter of the age of the old man. She was beautifully sweet, so young with a petite and slim body.

"Join my table... Your mother won’t bother you..." The old man said, gesturing to the girl with a nod.

The girl in soft dress nodded, letting go of the old man's arm. He stepped to Tora’s side and held his arm. There was a silent pause for a moment. The tall handsome man then sighed. He finally nodded and followed the old man.

The three of them walked out of the corridor and arrived in a spacious room. In front of them were three pairs of double doors, each with a pair of waiters in black uniform and elegant white vest ready to open the door whenever the guest coming.

Once they passed the door. The three of them were greeted by the elegant and glamorous excitement of the party crowd. Crystal lights were shining. Round tables were adorned with white lace sheet and ornaments of red roses. On the near side wall was a long buffet table, and there served various types of delicious and beautifully garnished food. On each corner of the table, there stood tall the champagne tower, built by hundreds of crystal glasses that were gleaming against the lights lamp.

Waiters were passing here and there, offering drinks and snacks to everyone. Some people were sitting on the round table, some people waltzed on the dancing floor, others were just standing there, enjoying the champagne while chatting and glancing at the woman on the stage.

Shiori just blew off a row of thin red candles on her large birthday cake, blushing when she heard a lot people joked about the chef putting too much candles for her age. Indeed, Shiori didn’t look like a woman who had just reached the age of fifty. Her skin was so smooth and almost no wrinkle could be spotted on her face.

"Have a drink ..."

Tora was silent, but his hand accepted the drink that was offered to him. He was sitting in one of the round table in the corner, away from the stage, together with the old man and the young girl. The girl in sweet dress still hadn’t spoken a word. She was just silently enjoying her drinks and food.

"She is indeed something else ..." Muttered the old man, sipping his champagne while gazing into the first lady on the stage. "No wonder your dad was crazy over her..."

"He’s not here anymore, don’t speak of him again before me..." Tora said as he played with one of the small fork in front of him.

The old lips snorted a laughter, but there’s a hint of irony in his smile, "You sound so cold yet you are the one who misses him the most ... "

Tora pursed his lips.

"... No, Shiori also..." said the old man, took another sip of his drink, "She misses him so much she was so lost. That's why she's so beautiful. She tried hard to stay beautiful, so that when the time come for her, she is still beautiful enough to face your father... "

"Crazy old hag..." was Tora’s only response.

The old man in white suit could not help but laugh again, while the girl remained silent, still chewing her food. The white-haired man looked back at Shiori’s figure that was being surrounded by people who lined up to be able to shake hands with her. She really looked like a queen who was so loved by her people.

"I know a woman ..."

Tora stopped playing with his fork, his eyes darted to him.

"Like your mother. An independent queen. Her beauty is ageless, even though she’s only ten years younger than me. Yes, exactly like your mother. It’s just that, she has become a widow longer than your mom... and she had a various strange hobbies. "

Tora blinked and furrowed his brow with a question. The white-suited men responded with a faint smile. The look in his eyes was like an ironic grimace. And there was also the color of nostalgia in it.

"Ah, just ignore this old man... Your mother will be upset..."

Tora’s lips were now no longer in a tight line. Suddenly, his fingers tightly gripped on his glass. The old man embraced the sweet girl beside him, and she returned it by leaning her head on the old man’s shoulder. Silent occurred in their table, despite the presence of the so crowded atmosphere.

"….. Who is she?"

The old man’s black eyes blinked. For a moment he was silent, his hand that was stroking the smooth young shoulders of the girl now stopped. There was a tiny laugh from the old man. Again there was a sense of irony and nostalgia, perhaps mixed with a vague anticipation and pleasure. He looked back at Tora with a smile, lifting his half-empty champagne glass.

"Okuni... Izumo..."

=to be continue=

Hi, it’s been a long time livejournal folks (^0^)9 and here we go, if anyone still remember about my old stories. I have to deeply apologize, I don’t know when I’m going to update something. I lost track of everything. (and it’s frustrating #cries) I did say that I wanna learn more about writing. and so here it is. It’s an experiment story I wrote in bahasa Indonesia and I share them privately on facebook. Seeing the generous feedback from my friends. You can say I have my confident back (thank you so much for my besties!). I think this is gonna be the start of me coming back to livejournal. Honestly I’m a bit confused which pair to put because there won’t be any love story here. Just the story about Saga’s life and the people who interact with him. Though there will be sex scene between him and them, I’m still not sure. So I need a little help over here. Right now I’m feeling really anxious and worried. So critics and feedback would be really appreaciaty. But first thing first, thank you so much for reading!
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I've been thinking about that kind of plot #toomuchwatchingKillBill
But unfortunately Saga won't kill anyone here, only Shou occasionally 😃😃😃😃
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Murder, A9 and just angst, it's so good!
Shinohara Ranka: Betrayal knows my nameyousei_ranka on March 11th, 2015 05:19 am (UTC)
Not really a murder story, more like a life story from Saga's ordinary perspective 😃😃😃
Though I've been thinking about making a murder story, perhaps after this

A9 boys are such inspiration 😘😘😘
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